Teens Against Bullying

Chad Roberts“I support Wipe Out Bullying because I don’t like bullying at all. I think bullying needs to disappear indefinitely.” – Actor, Chad Roberts, “Cougar Town,” “De-frienDEAD.”

Tara-Nicole Azarian“I really want to raise awareness about this, especially during Bullying Awareness month. Anytime it comes to anti-bullying, I’m there. Bullying is never a way to fix things.” Actress & Filmmaker, Tara-Nicole Azarian, “R.O.T.F.L.”

Maxo“There’s no point in bullying. Honestly, I think Wipe Out Bullying is great, because before, nobody really recognized what a problem it is and I think it’s a great way to help solve it.” Musician, Maxso

Lauren Suthers“Bullying is a horrible thing and puts people down for no reason. I support Wipe Out Bullying because I was bullied before and I know how it feels so I know that it needs to stop.” Musician, Lauren Suthers aka Lil’ L

Joey Luthman“I’m glad that programs like wipeoutbullying.org exist because it’s good to get the word out.” Actor, Joey Luthman, “Chosen,” “How to Rock,” “Kickin’ It.”

Trinity Marquez“I met some people who were bullied and they taught me a lot like to ignore them. If I ever get bullied again, I just wouldn’t care about it.” Actress, Trinity Marquez, “Warlock’s Magic: The Series.”

Nick Azarian“People should not be bullied just because they look different from other people. That’s just not right. I really would like to see people change and accept everyone’s differences.” Actor, Nick Azarian, “Conan,” “It’s Supernatural,” “Family Game Night.”

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