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Dr. Lin is an active advocate in bullying prevention in his community. In 2013, he was a Champion Against Bullying for Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.

Charitable Partners

Dr. Lin has donated to and is a proud supporter of the following programs:


Friend Movement: Friend Movement is a multi-media arts + education company that is dedicated to celebrating friendship, building confidence, and preventing bullying. Founder and runner-up of Bravo’s hit show “Make Me A Supermodel”  Ronnie Kroell and his team demonstrate their mission through a wide-variety of services to invoke inspiration and conversation.

Camp Wonder

Camp Discovery


Because bullying comes in many forms, below are other great resources that address different types of bullying:

Devoted to the belief that kindness can bring healing and awareness to girl-against-girl crimes. Founded by college classmates Lauren Parsekian and Molly Thompson who were both affected by female bullying

Founders of October’s National Bullying Prevention Month. PACER offers a variety of resources and hosts community events like the Run, Walk, Roll Against Bullying.

Dedicated to ending violence in schools and relationships by creating curriculums that educate students on learning respect for others and the difference between caring and controlling relationships.



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