About Us

Mission Statement:

To raise awareness and provide solutions for all forms of bullying, with a focus on eliminating bullying based on skin conditions. We hope to create an environment where people can learn about and understand the wide variety of skin types. Everyone wants to look “normal” and “fit in”. Fortunately, for many skin conditions, there are treatments available. In the cases when no treatments are available, strategies can often be used to build self-confidence and cope with bullies.


Wipeoutbullying.org was launched in November 2013 by Michael Lin, MD. As a practicing dermatologist and founder of Dr. Lin Skincare, Dr. Lin sees the impact bullying has on the self-confidence of his patients with various skin conditions. He has seen the transformation that can occur with the appropriate medical treatment and social support services. Unfortunately, many people with these skin conditions have no idea that certain treatments and services exist, which is why he launched wipeoutbullying.com.

Dr. Lin suffered from terrible acne growing up and experienced bullying as a child and even into adulthood. He, himself, overcame the bullying attacks and developed a sense of self-confidence that has allowed him to become a successful member of the community. Now, Dr. Lin wants to provide his own expert insight and resources to help those that have been affected by bullying because of a visible skin condition to wipe out bullying for good!


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